8 inch(200mm) Polished Wafer

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Growth CZ, MCZ, FZ
Grade Prime, Test, Dummy, etc.
Diameter 8 inch / 200mm
Thickness 600~1500um
Finish As cut, lapped, etched,SSP,DSP, etc
Orientation (100) etc
Off cut Up to 4 deg
ype/Dopant P/B, N/Phos, N/As, N/Sb, Intrinsic
Resistivity CZ/MCZ : From 0.001 to 1000 ohm-cm
  FZ : Up to 5000 ohm-cm
Thin films *PVD: Al, Cu, Au, Cr, Si, Ni, Fe, Mo. etc, Coating thicknesses up to 20,000 Å / ± 5 %
  *LPCVD/PECVD: Oxide, Nitride, SiC, etc , Coating thicknesses up to 200,000 Å /± 3 %
  *Silicon epitaxial wafers and epitaxial services(SOS, GaN, GOI etc)
Processes DSP, ultra thin, ultra flat, etc.
Downsizing, back grinding, dicing , etc.



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